There are lots of lists that you mighant to find your name on: an NSA surveillance list, for example, or the waiting list at the dentist’s office. However, our list is one you want to makecontains your name.

And what list is that? Ourof course.

Today, in this very post, and for the first time this year, we’re sharing our current list of attendees with everyone. The list is, of course, far from complete, but we do want to give you an idea of who’s coming to AR Canada and give you the opportunity to see your own name in lights. Well, it won’t be in lights unless you print it out and shine your own light on it, but … it’ll be on the list.

to see who’s already on the list, and check back for updates as we add more attendees daily.

So, how do you go about getting your name on the exclusive and highly sought-after list of Auto Remarketing Canada attendees? Well, we don’t have a bouncer for you to slip a few loonies so that he’ll “find” your name on the list. It’s way easier than that; justand get yourself registered. Plus, if you register before Feb. 14, it’ll cost you just US$795. If you wait until after Valentine’s Day, you’ll pay an extra $200.

Also, don’t wait to make your reservations at the hotel, the Westin Harbour Castle in Toronto. The special conference room rate of CA$179/night is only available through Feb. 21.  to be redirected to our conference hotel site.

I hope to see you on the list soon!