Attending a conference requires an investment of both time and resources, so we want you to make absolutely sure that Auto Remarketing Canada is for you before you decide to attend. There are a lot of reasons why you SHOULD attend this event, but I want to share some situations in which you’re better off staying at home.

Top 5 Reasons

  1. You are addicted to Twitter and can’t stop tweeting for long enough to listen to a 45-minute presentation. (We do have “tweet breaks,” also known as networking breaks, about every hour, though!)
  2. You have an irrational fear of PowerPoint slides. (Because, let’s face it … it’s a conference. There WILL be PowerPoint slides.)
  3. You don’t do business in Canada and/or have no interest in the Canadian used-vehicle market. (In that case … why are you even reading this blog post?)
  4. You’ve already personally met all of our attendees (more than 550 of them so far), you already know what all 24 of the companies represented in our expo hall have to offer, AND you have no interest in speaking with any of them again. (Well then, best of luck to you!)
  5. You had an “incident” at the Real Sports Bar at some point and are legally required to stay away. (While we are looking forward to our Real Sports Bar event, that’s just one evening! I’m sure you’re still legally allowed to visit the Westin Harbour Castle … right?)

So, while there are definitely some specific situations in which I’d recommend NOT attending Auto Remarketing Canada, there are plenty more in which you SHOULD attend. We’ve got top-notch speakers, some of the industry’s leading companies and more networking opportunities than you can shake a stick at.

Be sure to take a look at our attendee list, our full agenda and our lists of sponsors and exhibitors. And, provided you don’t fall into one of the above categories, register today! We’ll see you next week!