A week from today, we’ll be wrapping up another successful Auto Remarketing Canada event; where will you be? If you are planning to be a part of this event but you haven’t registered yet, be sure to click here to register ASAP. While you CAN register on-site at the conference, you’ll have to stand in a long line and spell out all of your information for us while we type it in for you. So save yourself the hassle and register now!

One of the many things you’ll miss out on if you don’t register is the fourth group of workshops, which will take place March 18 at 11 a.m. Five concurrent workshops will offer something for everyone during the second day of the conference.

In the Pier 2/3 workshop room, James Hayes, co-founder and CEO of Mobials, will present a workshop titled “7 Easy Ways to Increase Referrals from Your Happy Customers.”

In the general session room, Metro East, Shawn Vording, director of product management at CarProof, will present a workshop titled “Customer Expectations: How to set, exceed and stay in control.”

Also during the 11 a.m. Tuesday workshop group, in the Queens Quay workshop room, Trey Gerlich, director of solutions engineering at ADP Dealer Services, will share insights on the importance of vehicle description pages in his session, titled “Improving the Online CPO Shopping Experience: Communicating the value of your CPO inventory in the digital marketplace.”

For those interested in the world of subprime auto finance but worried about the legal remifications, don’t miss Michael Rothe’s workshop. Rothe is the director of legal services at OMVIC, and he will present a workshop titled “Subprime Not Subterfuge: Subprime and negative equity deals from a regulator’s perspective” in the Metro West workshop room.

And last but not least, for attendees looking for hard numbers and data on the wholesale market and residual values, look no further than the workshop presented by Josh Bailey, vice president of research and editorial at Canadian Black Book. Bailey’s session is titled “Wholesale Market Overview and Residual Value Outlook” and will take place in the Frontenac workshop room.

Be sure to take a minute to view the complete agenda, download the most recent attendee list and, most importantly, get registered!

We’ll see you next week!