Take a walk with me down memory lane this #TBT to #ARCanada2015!

8:00AM – Attendees were happy to get out of the cold, rainy weather in Toronto that day. 700+ registered attendees lined up at registration to pick up name badges, conference welcome kits and the always coveted pocket agendas



Behind the scenes final touches were put on the expo hall and general session room

_MG_3616 _MG_3695

_MG_3602 _MG_3610

10:00AM – Educational workshops kicked off and covered everything from digital marketing to wholesale market values.

_MG_3895 _MG_3920 _MG_4069 _MG_4072

11:45AM – Between workshops, and the kickoff of opening day general session, friends old and new connected during networking breaks

_MG_3659 _MG_3664 _MG_3707 _MG_3792 _MG_4040 _MG_4299

1:00PM – Industry leaders shared insight on used supply relief, dealer-to-dealer auctions and the evolution of leasing to a packed room of automotive professionals

_MG_4386 _MG_4421 _MG_4568 _MG_4654 _MG_4709 _MG_4805

4:00PM – We took some time to congratulate some of Canada’s top performers

_MG_5006 _MG_5016

_MG_5025 _MG_5034

5:00PM – ARCanada’s 2015 opening day closed with a reception in the expo hall sponsored by SiriusXM

_MG_4851 _MG_5067


All day long it looks like a good laugh and smiling faces were had by all!

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Wonder if we’ll have as much fun opening day for #ARCanada2016? I guess you’ll have to register and join us April 4th in Toronto at the Westin Harbor Castle to find out!