So you want to come to the Auto Remarketing Canada Conference this spring? We can’t blame you. For one, we’re putting it on, so we have a vested interest in your attendance. Secondly, we know how to put on a great event.

Here’s how you can sell ARC Conference to the powers that be.

1. ARC Con touts a 10-year legacy

Auto Remarketing Canada Conference stands as the leading used-car conference in the country. With 10 years of history, the conference attracts many of the top movers and shakers in the Canadian automotive industry, whether they choose to sponsor, exhibit, present at or simply attend the event.

2. It’s a great networking opportunity

Did you know that the wide majority of the attendees at ARC Con are major decision-makers? In 2017, 26% of attendees were managers, while 20% were dealers or principals, 15% were executives, 11% were directors and 7% were senior vice presidents. That’s a lot of business power milling about the Westin Harbour Castle for two days. As a representative of your company, you could make fine impressions on big-time players in the Canadian market and come back with loads of connections.

3. Dealers attend for free

While we highly value any and all attendees of ARC Con, we recognize the ultimate importance of the dealers who drive the used-car industry. Thus, we offer free passes to dealers who choose to attend. This opens up endless possibilities for networking and making connections to advance your business interests.

4. It’s convenient

The conference takes place wholly within the Westin Harbour Castle in the middle of downtown Toronto, right on the waterfront. The hotel sits just blocks away from Union Station, opening up a world of transit opportunities. For example, you can catch the UP Express from Toronto Pearson International Airport and stroll to the hotel — heck, just ride the train itself in and take the rail back home that night!

5. Early bird registration makes a sweet deal sweeter

Until late February, we’re offering an early bird registration period that discounts the price of admission for ARC Con by the order of a few hundred dollars. That’s an incredible savings on what’s clearly a fabulous opportunity to make incredible connections throughout the used-car industry across Canada. Don’t hesitate any further: Register for the 2018 Auto Remarketing Canada Conference today!