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Every industry faces the challenge and reward of passing the baton to a new generation of leadership. In the March/April issue of Auto Remarketing Canada and at the AR Canada Conference, we celebrate the up-and-coming leaders of the Canadian auto industry with Remarketing’s Under 40, sponsored this year by eBlock.

Remarketing’s Under 40 awards stand among the most important honours we recognize at AR Canada Con. Why?

For one, the pool of honourees is chosen by you: Conference attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, readers and followers of all kinds. If you’re reading this, you possess the power in determining who deserves the spotlight at this year’s conference.

Secondly, we can round back to this piece’s opening to highlight why these awards are so vital. Remarketing’s Under 40 awards recognize talented young people, their great work and their potential. Those starting out their careers in these times can only benefit from the boost of confidence visited upon them by such a nod.

Finally, we must recognize and appreciate young people in the auto industry as a way to encourage further generations to enter the industry. Fostering new talent ensures a better and brighter future, and the teens and 20-somethings of today should witness and feel proud to see their near-peers lauded for their accomplishments. It gives youths considering a career in the auto industry a hefty incentive, and those chosen for Remarketing’s Under 40 could very well serve as a role model.

Nominations are now open, so if you know a bright young person who you think holds the promise to be a star in the auto industry, suggest them as an Under 40 honouree!

Past Honourees

2017 Remarketing’s Under 40

2016 Remarketing’s Under 40

2015 Remarketing’s Under 40