January 29, 2018

We’re less than two months away from Auto Remarketing Canada Conference 2018! We’re in that sweet pocket of time where the event starts feeling real. It’s right around the bend, and we’re all excited over it.

As we do each year, we’re ensuring that ARC Con is the best two-day time investment for you and your employees as you end the first quarter of 2018 and step forward into the second (and beyond!). We’re very proud of the agenda we’ve assembled, and stay tuned for the official schedule to drop. For now, you can already look forward to two days in Toronto full of enlightenment and fruitful networking for all attendees, whether you’re an indie dealer or a C-suite exec.

And rest assured, our speakers hail from myriad points within the used-car industry’s universe. We had an impressive turnout of submissions, proposed by figures in every field, from finance and advertising to auctions and publishing, all with a proven track record of success.

On that note, let’s check out a few of the speakers we’ve confirmed for this year’s presentations:

Jonathan Dawson
Sellchology Sales Training

While he still sells cars, Jonathan Dawson has focused for 14 years on helping dealerships and sales teams improve conversion rates, reduce turnover and implement effective marketing strategies with Sellchology, his approach to training teams to improve their performance using psychological tactics.

Tom Kontos
Executive Vice President/Chief Economist
KAR Auction Services

Tom Kontos returns to ARC Con boasting over 25 years of experience in market research, financial analysis and strategic planning. Kontos is also the author of Global Vehicle Remarketing and Pulse, analyzing strategic trends and issues relating to the North American remarketing industry.

Ryan O’Connor

Ryan O’Connor’s 20-year career in automotive spans retail, software and technology. O’Connor helped co-found both EDealer & Eblock, two tools revolutionizing the online used-car marketplace. His strategic thinking and easy-to-understand methodology helps dealers maximize profit and drastically improve efficiency on retail and wholesale operations.

Brian Osler
Director of Legal Services
Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council (OMVIC)

Brian Osler has worked for OMVIC since 2012 and has served as the council’s director of legal services since the fall of 2014. Osler was first called to the bar in 1995.

George Steinsky
Hyundai Capital Canada

With two decades of senior-level leadership experience, George Steinsky has built a mighty reputation for excellence and integrity in the auto-finance realm. Steinsky worked for RBC Auto Finance before his employment by Hyundai Capital Canada in 2014; he was appointed CEO and president in 2017.

Quite the lineup we’re putting together, no? Whether they’ve addressed previous cons or it’s their first time gracing the stage at the Westin Harbour Castle, they’ll make ARC Con 2018 an event you can’t afford to miss. These five speakers represent the collective wealth of knowledge assembled at ARC Con, and you’d better believe the rest of the roster is just as strong.

The presentations themselves range as widely as the origins of our speakers.

Want to hear cutting-edge research on influencing customers at every stage of the purchasing process? Of course you do! A few Retail sessions focus on that front.

Need to learn about the most effective SEO strategies to improve your online visibility and ranking opportunities? That’s only natural. We’ll have someone to catch you up.

Wish you knew more about state-of-the-art technological advances in auto finance, like that big buzzword, blockchain? Doesn’t everyone?

Auto Remarketing Canada Con is the premier used-car event in Canada. We prove that time after time with high-profile speakers and their insightful presentations. And 2018’s lineup promises nothing less than exactly what you need to thrive for the future.

To register for this year’s Auto Remarketing Canada Conference, visit arcanada.autoremarketing.com/register/. Early bird discounts run through Feb. 28. If you are a dealer or dealership employee and would like to inquire on your eligibility to attend the conference free of charge, contact our Dealer Coordinator Lisa McGraw.