If you haven’t already, check out the full agenda for the 2018 Auto Remarketing Canada Conference here!

Last week, we called out three essential Retail track sessions from this year’s ARC Con, including Sellchology founder Jonathan Dawson’s general session. This week, we’re turning the spotlight onto the remainder of the general sessions you’ll enjoy at this year’s event.

General sessions are a great moment for the whole conference to come together and gain new knowledge from up-to-date research, learn about evolving facets of the industry and network during transition breaks.

CARPROOF’s Manager of Research & Insights Drew Harden kicks off the 2018 ARC Con with his opening keynote, “The Used-Car Purchase Journey — What Your Customers Aren’t Telling You,” at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, March 27. Harden will teach you marketing efforts to increase foot traffic, strategies to provide excellent in-store customer experiences and other ways to close more deals and increase referrals.

IBM is synonymous with cutting-edge technology and research. In his general session, “Reinvention of the Retail Model,” IBM Associate Partner with the Automotive Center of Competence Dennis Ephlin will explore and explain how consumer expectations, new technologies, new industry players and other trends have all impacted the retail process, from data analytics to… wait for it… blockchain. Catch it on Tuesday at 2:45 p.m.

Kijiji Head of B2B Marketing Rachel Lee and BrankSpark International Marketing Research Director Jennifer Gausby team up for “Building the Dealership Canadians Want & Need” on Wednesday at 9 a.m. They will divulge what Canadian customers consider when making a car purchase, equipping you to influence customers at each stage of the auto purchasing process, and provide next steps as to how dealers can better achieve their business objectives.

No one wants to get swindled, and with technology advancing at an exponential rate year after year, fraud tactics become obsolete overnight. Priyanka Parakarama, a senior fraud-prevention consultant with Equifax Canada, will address how to defeat fraud in the closing keynote, “Managing and Identifying Fraud in the Auto Industry,” addressing current fraud trends in the auto industry, as well as how to track, manage and prevent fraud throughout the auto-financing life cycle.

Quite the lineup we have here, especially when you throw Mr. Dawson back into the mix! Our keynote speakers truly capture everything special about ARC Con: Vital information, revelatory insights and actionable strategies from thought-leaders and influencers across the automotive industry, all delivered in one package.

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