At the recent NADA 2019 show in San Francisco, Auto Remarketing Canada conference chair Bill Zadeits sat down with some of the upcoming event’s stars. That is, for our very first Dealer Training Tuesday.  

Sales training experts dot the agenda from March 19-20, and four of the keynote speakers below were willing to give a bit of a teaser for their early spring presentations. Read on for a taste of some of AR Canada’s 2019 top offerings: 

Jonathan Dawson, founder and president at sales training company Sellchology, explained to Auto Remarketing publisher Bill Zadeits that his company was born out of a frustration he had with the way the auto industry “teaches people to go through the experience of the sales process.” Think controlling the sale, and more confrontational sales tactics.

Jonathan Dawson, founder and president, Sellchology

“The foundation of Sellchology was really trying to figure out what causes someone to take action to want to buy,” he said. “…There has to be a better way.”

He used this metaphor to explain: If you had a home that kept having electrical fires, you wouldn’t just go buy more extinguishers. Instead, you’d fix the wiring.

“Let’s examine why customers feel the way they do in the process; whether it’s the lead coming in, whether it’s by phone, or online or on the lot. How do we make a customer-centric experience that causes the customer to want to follow you instead of figuring out ways to control people’s buying process?” he said.

Dawson’s Sellchology follows the “Selling through Psychology” philosophy. This philosophy asserts a manager or salesperson who understands why something works is more motivated to do it and can adapt a technique to their selling style.

Phil Sura, vice president of sales at UnityWorks — a company that takes big data, adds customer intelligence and delivers relevant content to its clients through data-driven video experiences, — has presented at NADA for the past three years.

And this time, Sura met up with Zadeits to discuss what was top of mind for the video expert, as well as what’s in store for AR Canada attendees come March.

As for the opportunities Sura plans to address at AR Canada 2019, here’s just a teaser:

  • As a dealer, how do you leverage Google?
  • How do you leverage Facebook, from a video perspective?

“These are hot opportunities … it’s interesting to see each year, video just becomes hotter and hotter,” Sura said. “You cannot look at any industry and not see the impact of video, especially in the automotive space.”

Sura’s AR Canada session, titled, “Leveraging Video to Dominate your Market,” will focus on how dealers should be leveraging video with digital advertising on the website and in sales communication.

Following a packed session in San Francisco at NADA Show 2019, Zadeits also caught up with Andrew Tai, CEO of MotoInsight.

Tai delivered “Five Reasons Why Your Physical Store is Critical in Digital Retailing,” where he laid out the seemingly contradicting but very true importance of why having a physical presence is imperative in the digital world.

He discusses how technology is, at the same time, disrupting and complementing the dealer market, and offered highlights of the keynote session Tai is set to give during this year’s Auto Remarketing Canada conference.

Tai plans to take a look at the some of what he contends are the biggest questions dealers are asking today, such as:

  • What does the dealer of the future look like?
  • What is the car shopping experience of the future going to look like?

“And there’s a lot of fear mixed with excitement, in any industry that’s about to go through any large evolution,” said Tai. “and I certainly think we are going to be doing that.”

Ultimately, Tai said, dealers are looking for the tools and technology to enable them to meet changing customer experiences and shifting customer needs and wants.

For more on what Tai aims to cover at AR Canada 2019, listen to the full Auto Remarketing podcast below:

Michael Cirillo, the founder and voice behind The Dealer Playbook podcast, as well as CEO of digital marketing company FlexDealer, is yet another dealer trainer who spoke at the recent NADA show and will also be joining us for AR Canada 2019.

Cirillo told Zadeits during an Auto Remarketing podcast recorded at NADA that with a background in the music industry, the podcast idea always stuck in his brain — and the rest is history, as the Dealer Playbook reigns today as one of the most popular automotive podcasts out there.

Michael Cirillo, founder, The Dealer Playbook podcast; CEO, FlexDealer

“I’ve tried to eradicate so hard from my being the desire to help others, and I just can’t,” said Cirillo. “So I felt like the podcast would be a cool thing in this day and age to get a message out, one that’s positive, one that’s helpful, and one that brings everybody into the same conversation.”

Want to join the conversation? Don’t miss Cirillo at AR Canada 2019 on Dealer Training Tuesday!

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