August 18, 2020

We will take you through all of the 3rd party channels for messaging where your customers are looking and explore the benefits and results (ie. WeChat, WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Apple Chat, etc.). We will also walk through other new innovations in AI in the messaging space for Auto.


  • Learn about all of the new and higher converting 3rd party channels for 2019/2020 where you can receive live messages and conversations, customer intents, and leads. (The vast majority of Canadian dealers are not on 75%+ of these channels currently)
  • Discover which channels are driving the highest conversions and therefore where to focus your ad spend
  • Check out a new style of website, dynamically created by questions the customer asks, instead of old static search pages, with the latest Artificial Intelligence and BOTs and how they’re being used to enhance the customer experience and increase revenue in both sales and service.