AR Canada 2020 will feature the second-ever AR Canada Dealer Training Day. Dealer training. It can be key to sales success. But it often doesn’t come cheap, and we all know how hard it is to get out of the dealership, and/or run the risk of slowing business by inviting consultants and trainers to your store. Over 320 franchise and independent dealers attended the inaugural Dealer Training Tuesday. One again, attendees will be privy to a full day of general sessions designed specifically to provide actionable takeaways for the many sales professionals that have Auto Remarketing Canada, at the Westin Harbour Castle in downtown Toronto, on their calendars.

2020 Dealer Training Day

Already confirmed for DTD 2020 are Alan Dickie, president, Alan Dickie Inc.; Andrew Tai, CEO and Co-Founder of MotoInsight; and Wye Management, the official training partner of the Used Car Dealers’ Association of Canada (UCDA).

Check back for more updates on the 2020 AR Canada Dealer Training Day as our agenda evolves!

2019 Presentations

See below for the inaugural DTD sessions from our 2019 event:

Michael Cirillo

Dealer Playbook Workshop

Discover how to leverage your way into convenient disruption and prepare now for the challenges facing the future of retail automotive. Takeaways: • How to utilize existing resources to future-proof your business • Dominate the competition • Position your dealership at the forefront of the industry’s changing landscape

Sponsored by:

Jonathan Dawson

Sellchology General Session

Join Johnathan Dawson on Dealer Training Tuesday at the 2019 Auto Remarketing Canada Conference to learn how Sellchology, a.k.a. selling through psychology, has helped dealerships and sales teams improve sales. As founder and president of Sellchology, Dawson has helped dealerships grow their sales for 14 years.

Sponsored by:

Alan Dickie

Divide and Conquer: 3 Strategies for Dominating Your Market Through Social Media

Takeaways: • How to source new and develop current talent for your dealership to achieve your social media marketing goals • How to effectively onboard innovative social media marketing practices for your team • A series of creative and effective approaches that will both deliver leads and sold units the very same day

Sponsored by:

Phil Sura

Leveraging Video to Dominate Your Market

Learn how to disrupt the dealer market using video with Phil Sura, the vice president of sales at UnityWorks on Dealer Training Tuesday at the 2019 Auto Remarketing Canada Conference. Multiple large companies have experienced an improvement in sales by incorporating video into their sales strategies.

Sponsored by:

Samantha Zawilinski

Potratz Advertising General Session

Implement these 3 never talked about processes into your dealership and watch your income rise immediately. Takeaways: • Define Key Responsibilities and Success Measurement Reporting • Devise New Pay Plans That Match Responsibilities and Reward Success • Drive New Profits with New Processes

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